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Monday, 3 October, 2011 @ 8:05 PM < Adam Boddington
Tags: CSS, JavaScript, Windows Service

Here are a couple of things I really want to try out soon. Both are available via Nuget.


I'm not a designer but I don't often work with one, so it usually falls me to write rudimentary CSS. Sass simplifies it for me by letting me set up things like variables and inheritance. With SassAndCoffee there's no need to install Ruby to make my project sassy.

CoffeeScript is a neat way to write JavaScript -- cleaner, easier to understand, and still lets me use things like jQuery. SassAndCoffee includes a CoffeeScript compiler.

SassAndCoffee can also minify my JavaScript for me, and combine all my scripts into one file. Both are best practices for improving website performance.


Topshelf is a much easier way to build Windows services. I usually build my services as a console application first and then convert them to a Windows service later on. With Topshelf that process will be reduced to virtually nothing.

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Making Links Clickable in Communicator

Custom Configuration Sections Made Easy

Making Links Clickable in Communicator

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